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October 28, 2022


  • Feature Added the ability to disable 2FA/MFA for your users either programmatically or through our dashboard
  • Feature Added the ability to customize what you call "Organizations". This will automatically update all the hosted UIs and user facing error messages.
  • Feature When logging a user in, you can specify where to redirect the user outside of the default redirect URL.
  • Bugfix You can now create organizations even if the feature is disabled. This allows for a smoother process of migrating to organizations if you are already live.
  • Beta Added more options to the concept of organizations. You can require that your users are in at least one organization, require that users must log in directly to their organization, and more. Reach out if you'd like to try this out.
  • Beta Added more granular controls over which domains/subdomains can access authentication information. This includes creating staging environments that can be reached by localhost, having a small set of subdomains that are NOT allowed to check if a user is logged in (for vendors you might not trust), and more.