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March 15, 2023


  • Feature Added an API to create access tokens for testing purposes. Previously, you would need to use our frontend libraries to get tokens, and the tokens were all short-lived. Now you can make an API call to get an access token for a specified user, with a custom expiration.
  • Feature Added refreshAuthInfo to @propelauth/react so you can force refresh the auth information
  • Feature Improved useAuthInfo so that you can now destructure without needing to check loading first
  • Feature Added new redirect function redirectToSetupSAMLPage
  • Feature For each redirect function (e.g. redirectToLoginPage), we now also provide a getter function to get the underlying URL (e.g. getLoginPageURL). This allows for more flexible usage.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with fetch_org in the Rust crate where it's return type was incorrect
  • Bugfix Updating your email no longer sends a confirmation if you had "email confirmation not required" in that environment