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September 29, 2023


  • Feature Settings pages have been added to both users and organizations in the dashboard. These pages include things like changing user emails and updating joining restrictions on organizations.
  • Feature Our Python, Django, Flask and FastAPI libraries have been updated to include change_role, delete_org, invite_user.
  • Feature We now support AWS AppSync. You can use your auth URL as an OIDC endpoint and then you can use your Access Tokens to make GraphQL requests.
  • Improvement Additional arguments have been added to create_org, update_org, and update_user_metadata in the Python, Django, Flask and FastAPI libraries.
  • Improvement The limit of permissions per role has increased from 50 to 100.
  • Improvement The Hosted Pages sidebar has been updated to be more specific about which API key pages are being linked to.
  • Improvement We updated our Magic Link/Passwordless functionality to handle cases where the links were being automatically clicked by both email providers and email protection services.
  • Bugfix Fixed some issues where redirects weren't working when multiple tabs were open.