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April 9, 2024

Making things easier to manage

Today's theme is making it easier to manage things: helping your users manage SAML connections, helping you manage the orgs your users are in, helping both you and your users manage which login methods are allowed for an organization.

New Features

SAML Generation Links

Oftentimes, the person responsible for setting up SAML at your customer's company doesn't actually need or want access to your product. Now you can create one-off links to send them so they can go through the SAML setup workflow without needing to create their own account.

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Enterprise SSO-only support

If you already have auth in place with another provider you can now add SAML/Enterprise SSO support on top of it via PropelAuth. We have guides for Cognito, Firebase, and NextAuth. If you need assistance with any other system, reach out at

Org Switching in SSR Frameworks

If you're currently using a server side rendering based framework, such as Next.js, it can be tricky to keep track of which organization your user is interacting with. We've added the concept of an active org, which allows you to keep track of an active org for a user on both the frontend and backend, and switch it as needed when they navigate through your product. Learn more here.

Login Method

You can now, optionally, get the user's login method via their access token. This can be used to do things like require that members of a certain organization can only log in via a particular method. This is available in all of the client libraries. Learn more here.

Library Updates

  • [Next.js] RedirectToSignupOptions now includes signup query parameters
  • [Next.js] Each redirect function now includes a returnToPath.
  • [Next.js] getUserFromApiRouteRequest can optionally take in a forceRefresh
  • [Go] Added additional filters to fetching users within an organization by role and orgName
  • [Flask] Added helper functions like getOrgs() to the User object
  • [FastAPI] [Flask] [DRF] Exposed validate_access_token_and_get_user from the underlying propelauth-py library